Venus Williams has made plenty of history at Wimbledon but her off the court battles & victories make her the champion she is

At the turn of the century Venus Williams had her big breakthrough. Having made her Grand Slam final debut at the US Open in 1997 on her debut at Flushing Meadows at just 17 the American had to wait some time for a first title. Having made back to back quarter finals at Wimbledon and... Continue Reading →

Elegance, Flair and loved worldwide, has there been a better male Wimbledon Champion?

Winning Wimbledon is the most prestigious accolade in tennis. It takes skill, flair, elegance and a champions mind set. Over the years Roger Federer has found Wimbledon as a second home. People flock from all over the world to see him, he get's bums and seats and even sometimes receives more support than home players!... Continue Reading →

Andy Murray, 2013 Wimbledon Champion!

Winning Wimbledon is one of tennis’ greatest challenges. For many years, the question was will Andy Murray do it? In an era of potentially the best three players of all time the challenge was most certainly tougher. Andy proved during his career he could battle the best and make the top three into a top... Continue Reading →

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