Nowhere to be seen to comeback player of the year, Victoria Azarenka’s resurgence was a credit to her hard work which brought smiles to faces in a difficult year

It was about this time last year just before Christmas there were rumours circulating Victoria Azarenka could be about to retire. The Belarusian was a notable name not on the original entry lists for the Australian Open but no one knew why. The camp was quiet, there wasn't anything being said. We glimpses over Vika... Continue Reading →

tears of Melbourne to the smiles of New York, the journey to Victoria Azarenka finding her best tennis once again!

“Time, patience and a little support” At the 2019 Australian Open the two time champion crashed out in round one and broke down in her press conference. I was in Melbourne at the time and I remember the next morning seeing the conference on 7News and it was a realisation that players are human and... Continue Reading →

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