Even for the very best confidence is key which is why Auckland win can be a catalyst for Serena at the Australian Open

Game, set and match Mrs Williams, 6-3 6-4. Moments after the conclusion in Auckland, Serena Williams looked up in the air and said "finally" the wait was over. Even for someone who had won 100 titles in her career prior to Auckland that confidence and the pressure was still there. It didn't matter how many... Continue Reading →

Has the hunt for No.24 become an ‘if’ and not a ‘when’ ? Either way, four major finals since returning deserves respect and shouldn’t be deemed as a failure!

As a fan of Serena Williams I was sad that she lost the US Open final. As of fan of tennis I am pleased for Bianca Andreescu she continues to amaze. Saturday night after the match, I had Celeb's Go Dating on Netflix and had quick scroll through Twitter and saw a tweet which criticised... Continue Reading →

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