The Overule: Djokovic & Nadal win, Watson stars in Acapulco, Monterrey field in need of wins and much more!

Another week has come to an end! Title winners, surprises, upsets, talking points and plenty of action from the week to have a look at! Next stop, Monterrey! Monterrey has quickly turned into the draw of players needing some wins. Not only is former world number one Kim Clijsters in action looking for her first... Continue Reading →

Kyrgios shows us what could be as Nadal takes a swipe at the Australian

It wouldn't be Acapulco without some drama. Nadal v Kyrgios and it had it all. Nick managed to rile Rafa with an underarm serve even though it was out it annoyed the Spaniard but it is in the laws of the game and it was clever of Nick as Rafa does camp behind the baseline... Continue Reading →

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