IOC President Thomas Bach has said “Neither the word cancellation nor the word postponement were mentioned today.” in regards to postponing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to Coronavirus outbreak but surely a plan must be in place?

The small city of Lausanne in Switzerland is home of the International Olympic Committee headquarters and on Wednesday a press conference was held and all noise from IOC President Thomas Bach points towards Tokyo 2020 taking place as planned despite the global outbreak of Coronavirus. As expected a lotto the questions thrown the way of... Continue Reading →

Russia banned from sporting events by WADA following failure “to pull a rabbit out of the hat.” Where does this leave Tennis at the 2020 Olympics?

The World Anti Doping Agency have banned Russia from major sporting events for four years. The ban has come after an investigation into Anti-Doping in Russia following an investigation against RADA (Russia Anti-Doping Agency) were deemed non-compliant for manipulating data handed to investigating team in January. Investigators said back in September that they would have... Continue Reading →

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