Deported. Melbourne has been a second home for Novak Djokovic for 17 years but after 11 chaotic days he has been sent packing from Australia and must accept full responsibility for his errors & conduct with questions left unanswered of him and officials.

Over the past 17 years Melbourne Park has been a second home for Novak Djokovic, it is the site of his first major appearance, major title and his most successful tournament. What has been a love affair with the City down under has turned toxic in 11 days. By his own fault and also the... Continue Reading →

Shameful, shambolic, careless & without thought to just name a few words to describe the chaos around Novak Djokovic’ and his entry to Australia and subsequent revelations around his positive Covid-19 test but also questions to be answered of Australia in this fiasco

This piece can be summed up by the sentence, "no matter the outcome no one comes out of this looking good". On Monday the Australian Open begins we now do not know whether Novak Djokovic will be there to play in a chaotic, shambolic and embarrassing time for Djokovic and for the Australian government. When... Continue Reading →

Australian Open? Australia Closed?

In the rules that were put out to Novak Djokovic and more recently Renata Voracova they have done nothing wrong. Both players were awarded a medical exemption by independent medical panels in Australia to come into play at the Australian Open and lead-up events. This is monumental fiasco fuelled by politics and brings a lot... Continue Reading →

It may be Christmas but Novak Djokovic’ role as the ‘pantomime villain’ is far-fetched and based on a vendetta fuelled without facts just speculation and dislike for one of the greatest players of the last decade.

It is weird, we live in a time where it is emphasised to be kind to others and think about others but I suppose it only matters about when it suits? Criticism is part of life and sport, that's not a problem but it has to be fair. Even before it was officially announced that... Continue Reading →

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