In 2009 the Tower of Tandil defied the odds to win the US Open!

In 2009 a man from Tandil in Argentina powered his way to the very top in New York. The 2009 US Open was the last of former champion Marat Safin in his final major appearance, it was also the first time in US Open history no American male player made the quarter finals and Del... Continue Reading →

10 years on from that night in New York; Juan Martin Del Potro has created a legacy of resilience, fulfilment, joy & hope

10 years ago Juan Martin Del Potro won the US Open. This next sentence is one I didn't know where to begin with so I thought I'd let you know that. Over the ten years a lot has happened. How would I define the ten years for Del Potro? In four words? Fulfilled, Resilient, Joy... Continue Reading →

Nights in New York – Part 1

There always has been something special about Flushing Meadows at night. The tears and triumph on one of the world’s greatest stages under the lights of Arthur Ashe. In this series of pieces I will be talking about three matches that have lit up the stage like no other. First of all we head back... Continue Reading →

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