A fortnight of fearless & flourishing tennis down at Flushing Meadows culminated in winning one of tennis’ biggest trophies, Emma Raducanu rewrote the history books & now the British teenager embarks on her first full season on the tour

Last year Emma Raducanu played a handful of events on the calendar. The British teenager put a show of fearless tennis at Wimbledon and that in the city dreams are made achieved something beyond dreams, winning the US Open on her debut. It wasn't just the fact of winning the US Open but also: 79... Continue Reading →

A dream beyond dreams, a meteoric rise like nothing we’ve seen before, this will open many doors and is just the very beginning!

I still do not quite believe what has happened. Emma Raducanu, US Open Champion. This last week the Brit was scheduled to play an ITF W60 event in a small town in Portugal, she's now a Grand Slam champion. Its a dream beyond dreams, a meteroic rise which tennis has never seen before in it's... Continue Reading →

Emma Raducanu, US Open Champion

I am lost for words, these woman have been spectacular. Just over 3 years ago Leylah and Emma played each other in the second round of Wimbledon Juniors and now in a major final. Day after day, match after match they have delivered. As the days went on the dream continued and for Emma Raducanu... Continue Reading →

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