Farewell London: 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, Djokovic’ four consecutive ATP Finals titles

When all is said and done and a discussion about the GOAT continues, a certain Novak Djokovic will be high up the list. Over the years Novak has grown on me and I think his brilliance is unmatched and for four consecutive years no one could stop him in London. Winning the tour finals is... Continue Reading →

Andy Murray’s relentless path to qualify for the 2014 ATP Finals!

Following back surgery a few months after his Wimbledon win the challenge in 2014 was to get back on track for Andy Murray. Having been world number two in August, finishing the year at number four and during 2014 dropping to twelve the race Race for London was on! At the end of March and... Continue Reading →

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