“Lucky Loser” Coco Gauff wins her first WTA title! 😮

Coco Gauff has won her first WTA title, she is 15 and doesn't turn 16 until March! This run to her first title had the feeling of a Disney film to it. A week ago she lost in the second round of qualifying against Tamara Korpatsch but after some main draw withdrawals she was next... Continue Reading →

Maria Sharapova sets out her schedule for final weeks and it’s very different from usual…

Maria Sharapova hasn't featured in a tennis match since he drubbing by Serena Williams at Flushing Meadows. With the season coming to a close the former world number has lined up her final two tournaments of the season with a little surprise. There will be no appearance in Moscow at all this year. Sharapova always... Continue Reading →

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