Is Madison Keys “too nice” to win a Grand Slam?

This was actually a question asked at a press conference the other day. Are you too nice to win a Grand Slam? I think because she’s down to earth and never shows a gritty side this assumption has been made. I don’t think she is too nice to win a Grand Slam but her tennis... Continue Reading →

Sharapova’s second serve – ranked at 112 in the world, trust, double faults, challenging at the top and Birmingham!

Prior to Roland Garros former world number one Maria Sharapova had played 19 matches this season. In those 19 matches she had hit 93 aces and 115 double faults which on average is 4.8 aces a match but also 6 double faults a match. The win percentage behind second serve for the year is 44.2%... Continue Reading →

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