WTA Birmingham: will downgrade still attract the best? Prize money has been cut by 73% but ticket prices for 2020 remain the same…

When it comes to planning the tennis I will go to year on year WTA Birmingham is the first choice for me. Having a international tennis tournament on the doorstep (40 minute train journey) is fantastic but this year there will be a lot of changes. It was announced last year that event in Birmingham... Continue Reading →

Grass court shake up for 2020 leaves British events in trouble!

As expected there will be a big shake up on the grass court schedule for 2020. It was rumoured a while back that the WTA Premier event down in Birmingham was at risk of being downgraded and in 2020 it will go down to a WTA International meaning prize money will drop from about $1... Continue Reading →

Ash Barty, World number one!

We have a new world number one. Hard work, determination and of course winning have contributed to the incredible achievement by Ash becoming the first Australian woman to be number one since Goolagong 43 years ago. It was one of those possibilities coming into Birmingham which continued to gain momentum as the week went on... Continue Reading →

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