This could just be the beginning of another period of domination😲

Out of the "top four" on the tour you would say Novak Djokovic is the probably the least liked worldwide. I'll be honest I was never his biggest fan many years ago but admiration for someone's talent cannot be disregarded. Novak now has 13 major titles, he seems more in control of his emotions on... Continue Reading →

Kerber’s sheer determination emphasised in her brilliant defensive work!

Angie Kerber winning Grand Slam titles was no fluke. It was down to sheer determination and hard work that she won two Grand Slams (Australia and New York) in 2016 and was world number one. It was her sheer determination which once more got her back on track in 2018 following a tough season in... Continue Reading →

Serena “only just getting started”

10 months ago Serena Williams gave birth, it was a complicated procedure and she had to have multiple surgeries and almost lost her life. She returned to training four months later and as ever works incredibly hard. In her fourth tournament back (Wimbledon) she made the final and has taken her from not having a... Continue Reading →

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