Simona Halep’s day in Paris!

Having gone incredible close in 2014 and 2017 to winning that elusive first Grand Slam title the Romanian turned up in Paris at the end of May 2018 and played like a woman on a mission. The intensity and the mental strength throughout the process of winning the first Grand Slam was absolutely remarkable. If... Continue Reading →

The quarter final performance that told me Simona Halep was physically and mentally set to win Roland Garros!

Simona Halep winning Roland Garros was a testament to how she has built her game and character. Having lost her first three Grand Slam finals, two of which were in Paris turning up in 2018 months after a heartbreaking loss to Caroline Wozniacki in Melbourne was a tough challenge… Four years prior in 2014 the... Continue Reading →

La Undecima En Paris

Rafa's day once again. Well, Rafael Nadal has had a lot of days at Roland Garros. Infast the world number one today played his 88th match on the red clay in Paris winning his 86th match to win his 11th title and incredible win percentage of 97.7%! Rafael was in control early on, the key... Continue Reading →

Simona Halep, Roland Garros Champion!

Simona Halep is a Grand Slam champion. The journey to this moment has been incredible. The heartbreak, disappointment and tears have always been toppled by her determination, fight and that mental strength which has grown inside her. I've been watching Halep since 2013 and it feels so special when moments like these are achieved. Simona... Continue Reading →

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