Osaka’s backhand isn’t her strongest but her ability to redirect it is impeccable.

It's not often you say a backhand of a player isn't their strongest shot but their ability to redirect it is stunning, that's just a compliment to how good she is, her forehand and backhand and lets take a look at the two hander. She is good defensively with the two hands and offensively and... Continue Reading →

Nothing wrong with being predictable when you are that good!

Juan Martin Del Porto is one of the tours most talented players. He has never failed to produce and perform on the biggest stages and there is a predictability about his game but it isn't a bad thing at all. I always say players need to be less predictable and I stand by that, some... Continue Reading →

The ladies that ruled in the desert!

Everyone wants to be there and at Indian Wells this year hundreds of players turned up and a theme which occurred from day 1 until day 14 was that the ladies rocked it but who took the deserved headlines at recognition down in the Californian dessert? Serena Williams I mean, where else do I start?... Continue Reading →

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