A logistical nightmare. Why the new Davis Cup format needs a rethink for 2020 and beyond!

At the beginning of the week Davis Cup 'bashing' seemed to be a trend on social media and in press. I thought it was sad and childish despite obvious logistical problems the event faced constant comments on issues. For the first few days I didn't see any posts about the matches but about the problems... Continue Reading →

Time to worry? One month until the Davis Cup Finals and tickets aren’t selling!

There is a month to go until the Davis Cup Finals. It is the first of the new format which will be held at the Caja Magica in Madrid. Investment from the Kosmos Group led by Gerard Pique and a new sponsor Rakuten who are sponsors of Barcelona Football Club which Gerard plays for struck... Continue Reading →

Gerard Pique says it’s the ‘project of his life’ but low ticket sales for knockout stages & questions over ‘favouritism’ in scheduling opens up early problems for Davis Cup Finals

Tickets are on sale, the draw is out and the scheduling has raised some questions ahead of the first of the new Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. The event will be held at the Caja Magica which I visited this year and is home to the Mutua Madrid Open. The courts will be hard courts... Continue Reading →

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