Seven governing bodies come together for Player Relief Programme but why has it taken for a global pandemic to see making a living is incredibly tough outside the top 250?

For tennis fans it's quite something to see all main international tennis bodies come together but it has happened. The ATP, ITF, WTA, Australian Open, FFT, AELTC & USTA have all come together to release a statement. With soo many different organisations it is good to see the bodies come together to announce plans are... Continue Reading →

ATP, WTA & ITF release joint statement suspending tennis until 7th of June

All tennis activity has been cancelled until at least 7th of June. Tennis on the ATP, ATP Challenger, WTA and ITF Circuit has been cancelled and plans will continue to go ahead to continue tennis in the week beginning the 8th of June 2020. The ATP and WTA have released a joint statement which says:... Continue Reading →

In times of crisis it is important for Tennis to unite however the FFT’s decision to move Roland Garros without consultation could jeopardise the future of ten tournaments and highlights the need for a united tennis authority

In times or uncertainty it is important for people and organisations to come together. Usually in times or crisis we can turn to sport for a distraction but without that it really is an uncertain. Something that isn't uncertain and came to light yesterday is the sheer selfishness from FFT (Francois federation de Tennis) who... Continue Reading →

LTA are “deeply concerned about the governance of the sport” but have used all votes in ITF president vote for the same president however the LTA have major problems too!

Tennis governance is in utter chaos. There is no other way of describing it. It is the biggest individual sport in the world but feels like an out of control school trip. We have multiple rules and regulations from different governing bodies who should be singing off the same hymn sheet. I've said before no... Continue Reading →

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