Nick & Andy on Instagram Live

Midnight in Australia but 3pm in London, Andy Murray was joined by Nick Kyrgios for a fun and entertaining Instagram Live involving red wine and some interesting comments... Montreal 2014 NK - How much did you enjoy chopping me in Montreal that day when you gave me four games? NK - I literally felt like... Continue Reading →

Maria Sharapova & Novak Djokovic on Instagram Live

We haven't had many Instagram Lives lately but with 24 hours notice Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova they would be doing one. Here is just some of the chat from their talk which is all available on Novak Djokovic' Instagram page. (please note all quotes are not 100% accurate word for word but a fair... Continue Reading →

Rafa, Roger & Andy

The Instagram Live game has been taken to another level. Rafael Nadal kicked it off on Monday and after taking an eternity to figure out how to add people but was at separate times joined by Roger and Andy! Here are just a few main talking points from the lives with the two players... Rafa... Continue Reading →

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