ESPN’s “Serena vs The Umpire” documentary is poorly (strategically) timed but still outlines an issue in the sport and maybe in Serena’s team?

I'll be interested to know what Serena and her camp think about the timing of the release of this documentary. Even at Wimbledon a couple of months back she was reluctant to take part in questions about a magazine article scheduled for release during the championships regarding what happened at the US Open. The article... Continue Reading →

Rift in the camp? Serena can’t understand why Patrick said he was coaching when they’ve never used signals before

It does seem to be something that has been building throughout the season. Since the show Being Serena went on air we have seen this when they have spoken about fitness, breastfeeding and Patrick was quite firm getting his point across. Apart from the show we have also heard him being vocal at tournaments. Serena's... Continue Reading →

A different animal!

Novak Djokovic has done it again. As the fortnight at Flushing Meadows progressed it felt like it was going to happen once more. On Friday night he saw of Kei Nishikori with ease, a set was not dropped. Likewise tonight but the Argentine made him work a little bit harder but he didn't have to... Continue Reading →

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