“I’ve done what I needed to do and why I came here” Djokovic reflects on his worst career defeat but will his season be remembered for all the wrong reasons?

A trip to London will bring Novak Djokovic' 2020 season to a close. The Serb opted out of Paris as he can't pick up any points and has his eyes set on breaking the record for weeks at world number one. 1300 points are on offer in London but the Serb has already guaranteed his... Continue Reading →

Novak Djokovic to skip Paris as he aims for most weeks as No.1, it won’t be an easy pull away as Rafael Nadal confirms his plans to play in Paris & London

Novak Djokovic is closing in on the record for number of weeks at world number one in mens tennis. The Serb is currently at 293 weeks as world number one after the rankings freeze this year and is closing in on Roger Federer's record of 310. Djokovic has confirmed he is focusing on picking up... Continue Reading →

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