Calendar continues to reshuffle but are there enough events to satisfy the demand?

Having tennis back is absolutely incredible for us fans. A problem for players though is a lack of events. Tennis has come back but it feels like we are losing more events. Some players may not be keen on some travelling and that's acceptable but could more have been put in place for players a... Continue Reading →

ATP Rankings aim to provide flexibility, fairness and stability to those uncertain on travel unless you’re in the top 10…

When the ATP brought out their updated calendar in mid-June it came with a certain term and condition which ultimately has tied the top players hands behind their backs. On the ATP's release in June regarding top 10 players, the US Open and Kitzbuhel it said: The revised calendar includes the Generali Open, an ATP... Continue Reading →

ATP Tour to resume on 14th of August

The ATP is to resume on the 14th of August in Washington. The announcement comes at the same time as the official confirmation from the USTA that the US Open will happen. An announcement from the WTA regarding their rescheduled calendar is expected very soon but some joint tournaments will outline some of the events.... Continue Reading →

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