Dinner in New York may have to be put on hold, if so, when will Novak Djokovic get a shot at winning No.22?

2022 has been a bit of a disruptive year for Novak Djokovic partly his own doing and part of others but despite not featuring in a full calendar the Serb has just won his 7th Wimbledon and 21st Grand Slam title with his sights set on New York.

The question is, how is he going to get there? As it stands he is unvaccinated and a vaccine is required to enter the US which has been confirmed by the US Open

It has meant that Djokovic missed the events at Indian Wells and Miami but in his comment to his friend Nick Kyrgios dinner is on Novak in “NYC” the Serb expected to be travelling but unless there is a change in the rules he won’t be there.

A petition has launched from fans gaining over 40,000 signatures already. I do agree that it is bizarre that last year he could play there but this year he can’t when covid is less of a threat.

In normal circumstances Djokovic would the head to Melbourne Park where he is of course a 9 time champion but he was deported in a chaotic state of affairs, if you need a reminder…

Deported. Melbourne has been a second home for Novak Djokovic for 17 years but after 11 chaotic days he has been sent packing from Australia and must accept full responsibility for his errors & conduct with questions left unanswered of him and officials.

There has been rumour that he may be allowed in next year but at the moment the next major event set in stone that the 21 time major champion can play at would be the French Open in 10 months’ time.

We are still in a position where covid has a big impact on life and travel and we have to respect that, as I said above I do agree it is bizarre he could come over last year but can’t this year but you have to respect the rules that are in place. Petitions are all well in good but realistically it isn’t going to achieve anything in this scenario it is moving noise from one platform to another.

I cannot see a government changing their vaccination rules to enter the country based on a petition which I don’t will get over a couple of hundred thousand signatures.

It is a shame, Djokovic is one of the best players. He won Wimbledon again recently and despite having to play a limited tour (of his own doing) he has won some big titles this year and extended his record of Masters 1000 titles to an astonishing 38. Maybe the rules will change but right now they are what they are.

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