#TennisUnited means nothing more than what it’s produced, a 30 second promo video but is that unity?

On Monday I was poolside in Paphos having a scroll on social media and came across this tweet…

I thought to myself, I wonder if there is another tweet, are the ATP going to tell us what is Tennis United?

Oh, nothing… tumbleweed…

What was the point in this? A bit of virtue signalling to say the two tours are united? If you’re United you are through and through, it isn’t a pic’n’mix and similar to a piece I wrote a while ago about Roland Garros who preach Gender Equality but pick and chose when they fancy doing it, you are either equal or not.

I wrote about Tennis United before, it got me thinking about the WTA’s stance on China following the allegations made by Peng Shuai and I wrote about it.

I tweeted this in February, the WTA have pulled all events out of China in protest over the treatment of Peng Shuai which has major financial implications on the money coming to the WTA tour but is the right thing to do.

Some things are bigger than money, just a shame the ATP don’t have that same belief.

If we are #TennisUnited then support the WTA and follow their stance, but no. The full ATP calendar in China is still set to go ahead.

What is the point of that Tennis United video? It’s been knocked up in a few minutes but does it stand for anything? You can argue the point that the ATP and WTA did some joint videos on YouTube hosted by Mattek-Sands and Pospisil it’s not exactly ground breaking.

If someone were to ask me, is the sport United I’d say so.

Disparity in pay, opportunities at high and low levels, ranking points, equality at majors (out of their hands), part of the problem is there are too many organisations with fingers in pies in the sport.

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