Whether it was forehand or backhand the acceleration, precision and variety in Emma Raducanu’s game shone throughout her time in New York

It wasn’t just a performance but multiple, in fact all performances from Emma Raducanu left you watching applauding the brilliance of the British teenager.

10 matches, 10 wins, 20 sets won, 0 sets lost – it was unbelievable. Still now I look back and think, this happened. It was the dream or dreams and re-defined the word historic.

To be 18 years old and be so comfortable on both wings hitting freely with precision and equal brutality. We see more experienced players looking to crack it later in their career and struggle with one ground stroke but this isn’t the case.

The Raducanu Backhand

Two handed backhand is my favourite shot in tennis, it is the preparation and execution of the shot which is what makes it so special and for an opponent you know what is coming but stopping it is a problem.

We love seeing winners and highlight reels of these shots but the building up to that is just massive. The way she can just quickly react into the backhand is key. You can see below it is a little off balance by Emma but she got the ball quite deep.

It looks awkward but Emma drops it deep and builds the point. I think if Maria had her time again she would try to go back behind but the construction of her points were exceptional.

Now the money maker…

There is soo much to it, it’s al in the preparation. Without the preparation there isn’t a shot it’s simple. Without the footwork this isn’t possible.

The right foot is in front. You can see that Leylah knows what is coming, she has got her skates on! Emma is timing the ball and moving forward, right foot is planted and the power and weight will transfer up through the legs into that body rotation in the backhand and through the straight arms.


The Raducanu Forehand

Whether it was decelerating to then accelerate the consistency and variety of the forehand was superb. It felt like I was watching one of the best in women’s tennis in their prime.

It’s brave, down break point and serving for the match and quick reaction and acceleration down the line (the most difficult) shot is impressive from Emma, she made something very difficult look easy.

The variety is endless in her game, there are soo many aspects I sit and watch and think ‘too good’. As the opponent you could do with another player on your baseline to help defend.

It is unpredictable, Emma goes forehand wide and could’ve gone up the line but the variety is endless.

Even under pressure the way she pulled out stunning shot after shot was exceptional, what a way to seal the first set with a crouched forehand up the line showing her quick reactions.

An incredible 10 performances!

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