Emma Raducanu’s historic run at the US Open continues

If you wrote a fairytale, this would be it.

18 year old Emma Raducanu who has played a handful of main draw matches in her career is into the semi-finals of the US Open without having dropped a set.

It has just got better and better, I’m running out of superlatives, her game has sensational.

To come through 8 matches without having dropped a set is insane, even better to get to the quarter finals the games dropped by Emma was the lowest at the US Open since Serena Williams in 2013, that’s impressive.

Bencic of course won Olympic Gold not long ago in singles and mixed and we know she likes to swing big, she will see this as a massively missed opportunity. It was a battle of who swings better, Emma had soo much composure and control and in particular the forehand back behind Bencic into the backhand of the Swiss.

The question after 1 hour and 22 minutes was can Raducanu serve it out?

At 6-3 4-3 she was down 0-30 and held and again at 6-3 5-4 found herself in the same position once again but on the big points she played it flawlessly. This did not look like someone making their debut at the US Open.

The historic run will now continue on Friday, it will be a late viewing for British spectators as her semi-final will not begin until before midnight.

An historic run becoming the first qualifier to make the semi-finals at the US Open.

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