Perfection Personified, Carlos Alcaraz glided across the Arthur Ashe court with his poetic but brutal tennis culminating in a phenomenal victory

There are performances in tennis when you have to sit back, watch, applaud and say that was ‘too good’. There aren’t better places to put on these performances than on Arthur Ashe down at Flushing Meadows and Carlos Alcaraz did exactly that on Friday.

If there was ever a performance to announce yourself on one of the biggest stages against one of the best, this was it.

A five set match which had it all, we saw the Spaniard sprint out of the blocks, he glided across the court and brought power, precision and flair in front of a full house in on Arthur Ashe. There were moments during the match where I thought not only was he playing well but there were moments where he dipped but he never crumbled.

We saw Carlos slip up slightly in the first, more in the second having been up a break but in the third rallied to win a tie-break and put the Greek under big pressure. Winning the third set saw his momentum broken by Tsitsipas who went off court and then bageled the Spaniard who’s forehand went off the rails.

To his credit in the fifth set he bounced back massively. I did think it was going to get away from him but he re-grouped and went again finding his accuracy and power, hard to believe he only turned 18 a few months ago but his game was that of a season professional.


It was a statement of intent from the Spaniard right from the off. Backing up into that hit that inside out forehand was theme but with an air of unpredictability about it.

Up a set and level at 3-3 with Tsitsipas breaking back he still couldn’t read it because he was soo good pulling it up the line or out-wide. You can see from the Greek’s feet that he just isn’t set to counter which forehand is coming. He’s hoping for the more topspin forehand up the line but he cuts across it cross court beautifully.

You can see early on, he is on his feet and getting used to the forehand. The rotation in the body and power to hit it down the line was perfect.


One of my favourite shots in tennis is the two handed backhand, it is beautiful to watch and it was flawless from the Spaniard.

The preparation is perfection personified, it’s poetically brutal.

This guy is 18 years old, he has a game that is going to be scary. He has the forehand, backhand, movement, touch at the net and one of the highest return points won on the tour.

An incredible performance and just the beginning!

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