Having not seen Serena Williams since her heartbreaking exit from Wimbledon how will she fair in New York and could the US Open be her final bow of 2021 or will she go to Indian Wells?

On the 26th of September Serena Williams will celebrate her 40th birthday, we haven’t seen the former world number one on a tennis court since her devastating exit at 3-3 when the 23 time major champion injured her leg and was forced out in round one.

As the weeks have gone on Serena opted against Montreal and pulled out of Cincinnati asking the question, how ready is she?

Serena was due to take part in Cincinnati but she withdrew to protect her leg and with the US Open less than two weeks away is it a race against time?

It will be one of these watch and wait situation, Serena does share a lot on social media but does keep her cards very close to her chest when it comes to practicing. How much practicing has gone on in the last few weeks?

As Serena was down for Cincinnati I think there must’ve been confidence but it’s probably come a week or soo too early for her but could a trip to Flushing Meadows even be her last bow of 2021?

Over recent years we do know that Serena does usually end her season after the US Open, she has big points to defend in New York and is already down at number 21 in the world so could she look at picking more up or will that be that?

There is the question of Indian Wells, it is later this year as it couldn’t be played in March due to COVID-19 restrictions in California but will Serena see it as an opportunity to end her season? I think it’ll come down to a few questions.

How does the US Open go?
Does Serena need to go to Indian Wells?

I would love to see Serena Williams play as much as possible but I cannot imagine it being on her mind right now nor can I see her thinking she needs to go it’ll be if she wants to.

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