Club 20: Federer, Nadal & Djokovic

10 years ago in July 2011 catching Roger Federer seemed unlikely.

Federer had 16 Grand Slam singles titles, he not long before took over Pete Sampras’ record of 14 and the chasing Rafael Nadal and the just getting started Novak Djokovic seemed miles away.

Roger sealed No.17 at Wimbledon in July 2012 and that would be that until he wow’d us after 6 months off to win the Australian Open in 2017. By this time he was being chased down, Nadal on 14 but Djokovic racing to 12.

2017 was dominated by Roger and Rafa, the year ended with Federer on 19 majors and Nadal on 16. The latest and currently last Grand Slam of Federer came at the 2018 Australian Open, Grand Slam title No.20.

Nadal himself sandwiched in two wins in New York with his usual dominance at Roland Garros and in an unusual Autumn setting of the Grand Slam saw Nadal equal his great friend and rival on 20 Grand Slam titles.

Djokovic continued his charge but hopes were dashed in New York following a fourth round default. He came into 2021 with 17 Grand Slam titles.

He won a 9th title in Melbourne, he stunned Nadal in Paris and in London equalled the historic number of 20 Grand Slam titles with the Golden Slam still on in New York.

It has been tremendous watching these three over the years, the domination of Djokovic over the last decade has been simply incredible, not just at Grand Slam level but the whole of tennis.

Not only has he equalled the Grand Slam titles won by Federer and Nadal but it marks 10 years since he become world number one for the first time and is now stand alone in weeks holding the ranking at 329*.

Grand Slam Titles July 2011:

Federer: 16
Nadal: 10
Djokovic 3

Grand Slam Titles July 2021:

Federer: 20

Nadal: 20

Djokovic: 20

Weeks as World No.1 – 9th July 2011

Federer – 284

Nadal – 94

Djokovic – 1

Weeks as World No.1 – 12th July 2021

Djokovic – 329*
Federer – 310

Nadal – 205

Top 10 Wins at Grand Slams:

Federer – 64

Djokovic – 59

Nadal – 49

Wins over World No.1

Djokovic – 27

Nadal – 24

Federer – 22

You have a feeling were not done yet.. 

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