Wimbledon Men’s Final – Novak Djokovic vs Matteo Berrettini

Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini both have history in sight, Matteo is aiming to become the first Italian man to win Wimbledon singles title where as Novak Djokovic has No.20 in sight and history on his radar.

It is quite phenomenal when you look back ten years and Djokovic had just turned world number one for the first time, he has now held it for 328* weeks which is a tennis record oh and he only had 3 majors in July 2011 compared to 16 of Federer and 10 of Nadal, on Sunday evening he could be level with them on 20.

History and form is on Djokovic’ side.

Djokovic has won five of his six Wimbledon finals, the only one he didn’t win was in 2013 when a certain Andy Murray created British Tennis history!

Djokovic has also dropped one set en route to the final which is the least amount he has ever dropped in a run to a Wimbledon final, the one dropped was against Great Britain’s Jack Draper in the first round and has since won 18 consecutive sets of tennis.

Berrettini has been super impressive, I have liked the way he has built every point. His serve has been consistent, barely dropped a game and the improvement in his game has led to him having options. The inside out forehand on the grass is a favourite, he has great touch at the net and has been getting good length on his backhand.

My hopes for the match are a close encounter, I do think it will take something monumental for Berrettini to win this. At the same time let’s not forget, we missed over half of 2020 because of the pandemic and just over two years ago he was playing Challenger tennis and was ranked outside the top 300 a few years back.

His rise has been under-appreciated but quite incredible and deserves a lot of credit.

Novak Djokovic is chasing history, he has won The Australian Open and The French Open this year, could he add the third major to the list?

Djokovic has been impressive, he didn’t play his best in the semi-final but he finds a way and that is what makes him the great champion he is.

If Berrettini is to cause one of the biggest upsets in recent tennis history he will have to win quick points and not get stuck in long rallies because Novak will love that and once he’s on a roll he takes some stopping.

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