A heartbreaking exit but hopefully not the end of Serena Williams’ story at Wimbledon

On Tuesday night on Centre Court tennis fans from all over the world watched with a slight tear in the eye with the emotion of Serena Williams’ exit from Wimbledon a devastating way to end the day’s play.

After a slip on her ankle early on in the match we saw Serena go off court for a rare medical time-out, she came back out limping and the feeling in the air was hope, we hoped she could pull through.

The fighter and competitor she is showed as she came back out to give it a go.

As Serena went to serve at 3-3 the whole crowd out on Centre Court clapped and cheered with Serena gesturing a ‘thank you’ to the fans, the noise was defining and the emotion of the situation brought the 23 time major champion to tears.

It showed how much this means for Serena and the work she has put in, she has never given up and it was heartbreaking to see her Wimbledon end like that.

Three points into the game signalled the end as Serena stumbled, Maria Cicak came over to help her up and that was that.

Centre Court embraced the Greatest Champion who stood tall with her racket in the air and her hand on her heart in one of Centre Court’s most emotional moments. As she walked off court the cheers continued and I hope that is not the last we see of Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

Watching it back, the emotion takes over and it shows how much work Serena has done and how much she cares. Serena has been out here for soo long but the determination and her attitude has never changed.

Hearing the crowd cheer her gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye.

The collective thought after her retirement was that of hope, we hope to see Serena back on Centre Court in 2022.

We won’t however likely see Serena again for about six weeks, we know she won’t be heading to the Olympics but I imagine Cincinnati is high on her list ahead of the US Open around the 30th of August.

No matter what happens from here on in and I’ve said it before and will again, Serena’s status as the Greatest Female Tennis Player is cemented and we should be grateful to have witnessed and continue to witness her greatness. 


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