One of Wimbledon’s Greatest Champions, so why isn’t Venus Williams treated like it?

Venus Williams is one of Wimbledon’s greatest champions, a nine time finalist, a five time winner. These are achievements only rivalled by those at the very top of women’s and men’s tennis and something millions can only dream of.

The American always had the dream of winning at Wimbledon, it was her dream as a teenager and in 2000 the dream became a reality. Venus became the first black female player to win the ladies singles title at Wimbledon since Althea Gibson in 1958.

Venus has been a fighter on the court and off the court, she uses her platform to speak out and make things better for the future generations.

On the eve of Wimbledon in 2006 she published an article in The Times which grabbed the world headlines and the attention of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair around prize money and equality and how there was still a gap to bridge at Wimbledon.

“I feel so strongly that Wimbledon’s stance devalues the principle of meritocracy and diminishes the years of hard work that women on the tour have put into becoming professional tennis players.

I intend to keep doing everything I can until Billie Jean’s original dream of equality is made real. It’s a shame that the name of the greatest tournament in tennis, an event that should be a positive symbol for the sport, is tarnished.”

“Somewhere in the world a little girl is dreaming of holding a giant trophy in her hands and being viewed as an equal to boys who have similar dreams.”

In February 2007 Wimbledon announced equal prize money for men and women, 24 hours later so did Roland Garros and a few months later Venus Williams became the first equal pay champion at Wimbledon in July 2007.

Big stars usually play on the big courts but in Venus’ case this isn’t a reality, so why is that?

For some reason over the years Venus has found herself put out on an outside court, a nine time finalist and five time winners in singles, not to mention the six doubles titles she has won with sister Serena.

It shouldn’t matter if her last Wimbledon win was back in 2008, Nadal hasn’t won it since 2010 but you cannot tell me he would be out on Court 3?

The same goes for soo many, you wouldn’t see multiple former champions like Federer, Djokovic or sister Serena on the outside courts so why Venus?

Why is she not treated with the respect she deserves when it comes too scheduling which has been a contentious issue in tennis for many years.

Tennis owes a lot to Venus Williams, she is part of a family which has changed the game for the better for those who in 5, 10 or 50 years time will pick up a racket and play on the tours.

 On Tuesday she won her 90th match at Wimbledon with a hard fought 7-5 4-6 6-3 win over Mihaela Buzarnescu and is still fighting out there at 41. Venus was asked what she thought about being out on Court 3 and said:

“I wasn’t disappointed (about being on Court 3) but I appreciate you being disappointed for me.”

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