A ball is yet to be hit, but it’s difficult see past Novak Djokovic creating history at Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic has history in sight, in a couple of weeks’ time the Serb could win Grand Slam singles title No.20 at Wimbledon and sit level with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

There will be no Nadal in London and realistically we would have to see Federer “pull up some trees” as the saying goes if he is to win at Wimbledon for a ninth time.

Is it his to lose? I think so, even before a ball has been hit!

Let’s not forget that players are coming to Wimbledon having played one or two tournaments at maximum on the grass in two years and with the younger players exposure on grass was limited anyway with it just a few weeks in the season.

Who do I think is Djokovic’ biggest threat? I’d have to say Zverev or Medvedev.

I look at the top ten and think…

Medvedev – world number two, there will be expectation on him but will he deliver on a surface he hasn’t played much on coming to Wimbledon with less than 35 matches under his belt. His first top ten win was against Wawrinka in 2017 at Wimbledon though…

Tsitsipas – Similar to Medvedev, can he deliver? He has been phenomenal this season and I would love him to go on a good run, I love watching him play. Does he have it in him? I’m not sure. He has opted to come to London without a warm-up and has been practicing at Queens in preparation.

Zverev – I think he could go deep but over five sets against Djokovic I don’t see it, his game is lacking direction right now.

Rublev – Can’t see it, he is delivering at Masters 1000/ATP 500 level but I want to see more at majors, has only played 12 grass matches in his career.

Federer – Will need to pull up trees

Berrettini – I see him in the final eight, I would like to see him contend but over five sets is there enough?

So Djokovic then? I would say so…

There seems to be an air of calm around Djokovic right now. His decision to play Belgrade was questioned and then went and won Roland Garros and my word his performances were out of this world. I look back to the Nadal win and the level in the third set was astronomical, something I have never seen before.

More unusual preparations, this time in Mallorca but in doubles not singles. Djokovic and Carlos Gomez-Herrera from Spain teamed up with the 31 year old playing just two matches on singles and doubles draw combined before this week!

I hope Djokovic wins Wimbledon, his domination in mens tennis has been unbelievable. To head to the US Open with 20 majors would be a remarkable achievement. How he isn’t considered the GOAT in mens tennis by many is ridiculous, no one wins quite like Djokovic!

Just a reminder how things were looking a decade ago compared to now..

At the beginning of 2011 the Grand Slam title numbers were:

Federer – 16
Nadal – 10
Djokovic – 2

June 2021, ten years later they are:

Federer – 20
Nadal – 20
Djokovic – 19

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