8-7, 40-15 in the fifth…

No matter the obstacle in-front of him Novak Djokovic has always risen to the challenge. In an era of the best in Federer and Nadal he has stood up, been counted and many times come through despite the odds and in some cases the crowd being against him.

Wimbledon 2019…

4 hours and 9 minutes on the clock and Roger Federer would serve for the title at 8-7 in the fifth.

0-15 – A forehand long from Federer

15-15 – Forehand pushed wide of the tramline from Djokovic

30-15 – Ace down the T, his 22nd of the match

40-15 – Ace No. 23 down the T

The crowd rise to it’s feet, one more point will do.. crowd are signalling one more point as Mirka and the Federer box couldn’t look on!

40-30 – A big return on second serve from Djokovic forces the error from Federer, one match point gone!

40-40 – Match point No.2 saved with a stunning passing forehand with Federer left stranded at the net.

40-ADV – Djokovic uses his inside out forehand to produce the error from Federer.

Game, Djokovic – Forehand error from Federer levels the fifth set at 8-8 after 78 minutes!

No one more match points came for a while but once again at 11-11 things got tasty.

40-0 up on serve and Djokovic found himself on the wrong end of a break point suddenly in the 23rd game of the set following a close Hawkeye which was debated on if Djokovic would have had a play on the ball or not.

The break point was saved with some incredibly solid play from Djokovic serving soo well once again but Federer wasn’t done yet as he fought to find a second break point. 

A forehand volley was simply terrible from the world number one as was the following smash as Djokovic walked away with a slight smile after getting away with that one!

Djokovic managed to get to 12 in the fifth set after 285 minutes and one service hold from Federer would take the match to a deciding tie-break!

Federer went up 30-0 with some good net play pretty quickly which resulted in Djokovic taking his frustrations out against the microphone and receiving a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct whilst Federer served an ace to take it to a first tie-break finish in a Wimbledon final!

By getting to the tie-break it surpassed the longest Wimbledon final to date from 2008 when Federer and Nadal battled it out into the night in London!

Djokovic began to run away with things winning the extending rallies and really pounding the ball down the other end of the court to take a 4-1 lead.

A slip from Djokovic sent the world number one to the floor with Federer trailing 2-4 at the change of ends.

Four consecutive points on serve gave Djokovic a 6-3 lead following a simply stunning backhand down the line and championship point this time for Novak Djokovic…

A call from the line judge called the ball out when it was in but Federer hit the ball after the call so a replay would follow!

A shanked forehand from Federer sealed a fifth Wimbledon title for Novak Djokovic after saving two consecutive match points! A truly remarkable final between two of the greatest in this sport!

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 12.46.11

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