SerAndy/Murrena; Two of tennis’ trailblazers came together for mixed doubles at Wimbledon in 2019

Andy Murray has always stood up for women’s tennis.

Serena Williams said last year as the two paired up at Wimbledon that (female players) “all love Andy Murray” as he always stands up for equal rights in tennis.

Serena said this to ESPN:

“I don’t think there’s a woman player – and there really shouldn’t be a female athlete – that is not totally supportive of Andy Murray.”

“He has spoken up for women’s issues and women’s rights, especially in tennis, forever and he does it again”

“That’s one thing that we love about him.”

“He has such a wonderful mother who’s been such a strong figure in his life and he’s done so much for us on our tour, so we love Andy Murray.”

A few years ago at Wimbledon Andy was quizzed by a reporter on Sam Querrey being the first US player since 2009 to make a Grand Slam semi-final. Murray interrupted the journalist to remind them “male player” not forgetting the runs of Venus and Serena.

Seeing these two incredible trailblazers for equality in sport, tennis and life come together in the mixed doubles was truly incredible.

It was something that had been rumoured for some time following Serena’s lack of tennis and they delivered!

These two joining up was fun, competitive and a really fantastic moment in the sport. We don’t get treated to any mixed double outside of the Grand Slams and now rarely see the best compete too but both needed matches.

Press conferences were fun to watch, it was interesting to see them get a closer view to each others life on tour. Serena constantly being asked about No.24 and Andy his hip which Serena made a joke about after constant questions…

Serena – “Well Andy gets asked every question about his body and the US Open, literally every question in a different way but its the same question (both laugh). 

Serena turns to Andy;

Serena – “How’s your body?”

Andy – “It feels good, thanks”

Serena – “Are you going to be able to play New York?”

Andy – “Well I dunno, I need to train and get stronger and you know well see after that”

It was the talking point of the second week at Wimbledon (not just Andy’s hip but these two playing mixed doubles)

In round one they saw off Guarachi and Mies in straight sets and did the same against Atawo and Martin with some incredible rallies between the two pairs including that service return from Serena:

In the last 16 they came up against the top seeds who are very experienced doubles pairing in Nicole Melichar and Bruno Soares who was a former partner of Andy’s brother Jamie on the tour.

The American and Brazilian took the first set but Murrena or SerAndy however you like to name the pair fought back before losing in three and their run coming to an end!

It was easily one of the great moments of Wimbledon over the years to see two of my favourite players team up and play mixed doubles together was truly fantastic!

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 18.34.50

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