A third set of fine margins, a tie break which felt like one of the most important in men’s tennis won by Novak Djokovic who continues his quest for history

Something quite extraordinary played out on Friday night in front of 5000 fans who were allowed to stay past the 11pm curfew to witness a milestone in history.

Novak Djokovic ending an unbeaten run of Rafael Nadal’s at Roland Garros lasting 2200 days since he defeated the Spaniard back on the 3rd of June 2015.

Rafael Nadal had never lost a semi-final at Roland Garros but that changed at around 11:20 in Paris with a new chapter in Grand Slam history written with more on the line on Sunday.

It was far from an ideal start falling down 0-5, the serve wasn’t it and the drop shot just wasn’t working, Nadal was like roadrunner, he was getting to everything!

There was a kick of life in his game towards the end of the first set and it was the catalyst he needed to propel himself into the match and going to take the second set.

Novak was up a break in the third but squandered his lead as the set edged towards a tie-break it suddenly felt like the biggest set in mens tennis. 6-5 40-30 the Spaniard had a set point, imagine what would have happened if he had converted it.

The finest of margins and then the tie-break which felt like the most important in recent history in mens tennis. Whoever won it felt like they would go onto win and if it were Nadal you wouldn’t bet against No.14 and if it were Djokovic a possibility he could tie the record of Grand Slam titles won could be equalled at Wimbledon in a months’ time.

Djokovic won it and went onto dominate in the final set and becoming the first man to beat Rafael Nadal after losing the first set at Roland Garros and the first man to beat Rafael Nadal twice at Roland Garros.

A phenomenal performance of unmatched brilliance.

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