Roger Federer withdraws from Roland Garros

At 12:43am in Paris we saw Roger Federer begin on Saturday and end in the early hours of Sunday morning to beat Dominik Keeper 7-6 6-7 7-6 7-5 in a high intensity match in front of a just a handful of media and team members as the Parisian curfew continues.

It was inspirational to see this guy at 39 having not played a best of five set match before this week for around 18 months and having had double knee surgery and a few set backs come out and do what he did on Philippe Chatrier on Saturday night.

3 hours and 35 minutes of gruelling tennis and he came through in style.

It even brought out a rare tweet from Andy Murray who was inspired by what Federer has done so far in Paris and was appreciated by Roger.

The win meant we know on Monday it would be a match against Matteo Berrettini but Federer then suggested that might be that for his week.

Because of the way the calendar is and Roland Garros was pushed back it does mean there isn’t a break between Paris and Halle where Federer is a ten time champion.

Federer said now could be:

“Perfect time to take a rest”

It does mean that Matteo Berrettini receives a walkover in the quarter finals and you cannot imagine the organisers are too happy with that outcome despite their short statement.

In his post match press conference he said:

“I thought it was very important for me. I clearly hadn’t practiced 3 hours 35 because that was always pushing it. Today was a huge step forward for the team and all of us. I didn’t expect to be able to win three matches here.”

“I need to decide if I keep on playing or not, or if this if this is perfect way [to end]”

“Every match here or Geneva I have to reassess the situation after the match and see in the morning how I wake up and how does the knee feel the next morning. So from that standpoint it always goes like that. There is no difference after a match like this”

On Sunday afternoon the 20 time Grand Slam champion announced his withdrawal from Roland Garros on social media:

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