Elena Rybakina takes out Serena Williams for her place in the final eight without a set dropped!

On a day which has already seen Marketa Vondrousova and Victoria Azarenka lose Serena Williams is now out of the competition following a straight sets defeat to Elena Rybakina.

The draw continues to open up on the ladies side and were are set for a fascinating final week in Paris as day by day it heads towards its conclusion.

Elena Rybakina was a threat throughout, there were nerves during the match and her forehand at times did come under pressure but overall it was a very good performance from the 21 year old.

In my preview I did say she hasn’t been tested but Serena did give her plenty to think about but she came through it without too much trouble.

There was a moment in the early stages of the second set where Serena reeled off 9 puts in a row and some of those winners from the American’s racket were phenomenal and you wondered whether that was the turning point.

At no point however did we see the Kazakhstani panic, she remained calm and composed. I wouldn’t call it an upset, we know what she is capable of and also she is much more than someone who hits with power.

Elena was the form player in the early stages of 2020 and was setting the pace on the tour before the world came to a stand still, the 21 year old began her 2020 season with:

Shenzhen – Runner Up
Hobart – Winner
Australian Open – 3R (lost to Barty)
St. Petersburg – Runner Up
Dubai – Runner Up
Qatar – 3R (withdrew)

Not a bad run to begin her 2020 season. I am pleased to see her playing well in Paris as it has been a tough start to the year for her but she is in some very good form and I do not think it will be too long until she is in the top 10.

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