Indian Wells will return in October but at what cost?

A trip to the Californian dessert at Indian Wells Tennis Garden is usually one of the highlights of the year on the tour in March, due to Covid-19 it didn’t happen this year and was called off the eve of the event in 2020. A trip to Indian Wells is back on the cards though but in October.

It is set to be a warm October, the average temperature down as Indian Wells is set to be around 33 in the day and as low as only 16 in the evening which the day being a little warmer than it would be in March.

It could potentially be a busy few weeks with tournaments across different continents in a potentially short space of time but how does Indian Wells return affect the rest of the ATP and WTA calendar?

Right now we don’t know, what we do know is that it could potentially put the plans of many tournaments at risk.

Indian Wells is a two week event and not forgetting the qualifying with the main draw over 13 days. The calendar isn’t confirmed for October yet on both tours but if all or even half of the events go ahead, where does Indian Wells fit in?

October 4th
WTA 1000 – Beijing
ATP 500 – Beijing
ATP 500 – Tokyo
October 11th
WTA 250 – Hong Kong
WTA 250 – Linz
WTA 250 – Tianjin
ATP 1000 – Shanghai
October 18th
WTA 250 – Kremlin Cup
WTA 250 – Jiangxhi Open
ATP 250 – Antwerp
ATP 250 – Kremlin Cup
October 25th
ATP 500 – Vienna
ATP 500 – Basel

Potentially a lot of disruption across both tours, I will be stunned if it takes place in later October as it is such a big ask for players to then think about WTA Elite Trophy, WTA Finals, Paris Masters, ATP Finals and Davis Cup Finals within the following few weeks.

In my opinion this should have been an announcement made simultaneously by Indian Wells, the ATP and The WTA. I don’t think it should have been an announcement from the tournament and then wait for ATP/WTA to tell as us about the calendar update at some point.

All we know is it will be in October but an announcement is expected soon with tickets for Indian Wells going on sale on the 21st of June. It will be interesting to see how the calendar is scheduled for October, I can only see it taking place in early October but what about the Asian swing on the tour? Are we going to lose big events in Beijing and Shanghai?

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