“Football belongs to the fans. Today more than ever” from the man who took tennis away from the fans and yes, another Davis Cup revamp!

Over the last week a lot of talk in World Sport has been about the rise and the extremely quick demise of the European Super League.

Days before another revamp to the Davis Cup was announced, the tournament taken away from fans. The tournament which brought joy to face, noise to stadiums, a tremendous atmosphere and world class tennis throughout the globe taken to one city.

One city has now extended to three but the what is now an eleven day event still sees the event taken from home fans who can no longer experience home ties on home soil unless you are on of the lucky three cities.




Who is playing where?


Group A: Spain, Russian Tennis Federation (RTF), Ecuador

Group B: Canada, Kazakhstan, Sweden


Group C: France, Great Britain, Czech Republic 

Group F: Serbia, Germany, Austria


Group D: Croatia, Australia, Hungary 

Group E: USA, Italy, Colombia

Yes, you are correct, Spain (Madrid), Austria (Innsbruck) and Italy (Turin) will all be playing their ties at home.

Only three countries will see their fans play at home in the “World Cup of Tennis” the other 15 are once again denied that privilege some thousands of miles from home which is what this tournament is built.

Unfortunately a couple of years ago it was sold to this group led by footballer Gerard Pique who have pumped money in but taken away one of the most important aspects of the tournament, the home and away times. The atmosphere is just not the same anymore.

The tournament is now just eleven days at the end of a busy calendar rather than intermittent dates throughout the year in wonderful venues over the world.

This event is nothing without these fans, does this sound similar?

Oh yes, it is the drum that has rightfully be beaten over the last few days in world football but why is it not ok for football but ok for tennis to not listen to fans voices?

The Kosmos Group which is the company who bought the Davis Cup rights and is founded and chaired by footballer Gerard Pique saw the Spaniard say this about the football on Twitter:

“Football belongs to the fans. Today more than ever.”

What about tennis? What about those 15 countries who won’t get to see their country play a home tie? 

Colombia, Australia, Ecuador, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Serbia, Germany, USA, Croatia and Hungary won’t see their team at home.

Not everyone would in a usual rubber as a team will always be ‘away from home’ but that atmosphere these ties bring is missing.

It is hypocrisy at the highest level. 

I do not at all agree with the European Super League how you can criticise that move by the 12 clubs but then lead a company which has effectively done the same in tennis and changed a competition as fans and players will argue for the worse is quite unbelievable.

You cannot preach for one thing in sport and then do the opposite in another.

Great Britain’s Davis Cup Win 2015 – image credit – Sky Sports

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