Attention turns to clay for Serena following a missed trip to Miami

By the time Roland Garros is due to come around it would have been almost 5 months since we have seen Serena Williams on a tennis court.

The former world number one was due to travel down from her home in Palm Springs to the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida for the Miami Open but a tooth problem and dental surgery forced Serena out of her home tournament.

Patrick Mouratoglou has spoken about her chances at Roland Garros and if she is at 100% physically she can still win any Slam.

“She did a tremendous effort before the Australian Open and was very much in shape so this is something that we definitely want to keep and continue to improve because it’s a key, and it’s going to be even more a key on clay.” 

“I think she can really play very good on clay, she just has to be really very fit because on clay the serve is not as efficient and you have to work much more. Every rally is a fight. But I feel if she’s really, really ready, physically 100 per cent, then she can be very dangerous on clay as well.”

“The level is high but I still believe that, when Serena is 100 per cent at the top of her physical form, she can win any Slam.”

How ready is she?

Roland Garros is under 6 weeks away if all goes ahead as planned, so there is time to prepare and potentially play…

I think that is a big problem for Serena that she has turned up to Roland Garros the last few years under prepared.

Serena hasn’t made it passed the fourth round in her last three appearances and has twice withdrawn due to injury. Likewise, we haven’t seen her hit a ball in Madrid or Rome since giving birth in 2017. Serena was due to play Venus in Rome in 2019 but withdrew before the match.

It is looking like if we do see Serena on clay it will be Rome before Paris. I cannot imagine Serena going to play in Madrid especially after the Madrid Owner (Ion Tiriac’s) disgusting sexist comments towards the two time Madrid Open champion over the last few years.

I do think playing Rome will be key to Serena being successful in Paris this year, if this was on a hard court I would say it’s not as nessecary to play warm-ups but because of the little prep she has had on the dirt it is more difficult to find comfort and rhythm. As Patrick has said, you have to be more efficient and to work more, Serena will be heading to Nice to Patrick’s academy soon to begun her preparations.

The last time we saw Serena on the court was that wave to the Melbourne crowd and of course she walked out of her press conference visibly upset.

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