311 & counting, Novak Djokovic breaks Roger Federer’s record of weeks as World No.1

Whether you love him or not you cannot deny that Novak Djokovic is one of tennis’ greatest ever athletes. 

Quite phenomenally in less than ten years we have seen Djokovic break the record for weeks as world number one. Over the years he has seen Nadal and Federer hold the number one ranking but in July 2011 that would change.

On the 4th of July 2011 we saw Novak Djokovic become number one in the world for the very first time in his career winning the Wimbledon championships the day before…

By this time he had seen Federer be world number one for 282 weeks and since Djokovic became the best in the world Federer has just held the number one ranking for 28 weeks in almost 10 years.

Nadal on the other hand since 4th of July 2011 has held the number one ranking in tennis for 99 weeks but before then the Serb had his first week he watched Nadal lead the line for 110 weeks.

No matter which was you look at it, it is a simply outstanding record.

Weeks as World No.1 (active players)

Djokovic – 311
Federer – 310
Nadal – 209
Murray – 41

Weeks as World No.1 (since 4th July 2011)

Djokovic – 311
Nadal – 99
Murray – 41
Federer – 28

The domination is quite incredible, not only weeks at the top but the wins he has accumulated and the titles not just in this time but his career has propelled him to a status where he should be considered as great as Federer and Nadal.

We know that crowds do usually do favour Roger or Rafa when Novak meets them but in those clutch moments, the biggest matches on the biggest stages the way he deals with all that is going on is commendable and deserves respect.

Novak has now set the record for weeks as world number one in mens tennis and will look to pull away from Federer and Nadal as far as possible. Not only will he look to close the gap on Grand Slam titles won but will also look to extend his number of Masters 1000 titles.

These records continue to amaze and records are there to be broken but who can we really see getting close to this let alone breaking these records.

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