The Adelaide Six

By the end of the week players will have boarded a flight to Melbourne. Flights chartered by Tennis Australia will depart from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Los Angeles, Antalya and Miami but some won’t be heading straight to Melbourne.

In the last couple of the days the Adelaide six have been announced, six players who will quarantine in Adelaide for 14 days in a hotel with gym and training provisions but also a chance to play.

Adelaide will host “A day at the drive” at memorial drive in Adelaide with the six taking part in an exhibition.

The six are billed as the top three in men’s and women’s tennis, they are:

Naomi Osaka
Simona Halep
Serena Williams
Rafael Nadal
Novak Djokovic
Dominic Thiem

There will be two more players to join the six in the exhibition in Adelaide on Friday 29th of January but they have not been announced yet.

It is understood that players’ hitting partners will be able to travel to Adelaide as well during this time. For example, Venus Williams with Serena Williams and Dennis Novak with Dominic Thiem. Some players in Adelaide will change partners but it is unknown if a new player will be able to fly in.

This late announcement of a trip to Adelaide has caused a bit of debate in tennis as some players see these top players being given unfair treatment.

Those who are isolating in Melbourne will be allowed 5 hours a day at Melbourne Park to use the facilities during this 14 day period which includes the gyms and courts. However, for those in Adelaide where they are staying they have this access at the hotel and are allowed to bring more team members with them.

Jeremy Chardy has had his say on this:

Is it fair?

Following the Australian Open it has been announced there will be another tournament this year in Adelaide which will host the Adelaide International which will be a WTA 500 event before players look to leave Australia.

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