Daniil Medvedev, ATP Finals 2020 Champion

A week of breath-taking tennis in the season and London finale has come to an end. It has been a spectacle of brilliance and a big message sent by the Thiem and Medvedev that the changing of the guard could just be happening.

Both players had been exceptional en-route to the final, Medvedev was unbeaten having failing to win last year and Thiem was defeated in a dead rubber by Rublev but defeated Nadal and Djokovic in straight sets.

We saw the intent and plan from Daniil Medvedev from the beginning, a quick hold of serve to open with and then he got his teeth immediately stuck in. Dominic Thiem held serve well but had to do it over ten minutes but got through his game.

Both players were at it but it was the Austrian who took the control and was rampant with his ground strokes as he took the first set 6-4.

A theme when in trouble throughout the week was the rally strike position of Daniil Medvedev who moved up the court and was more at home. With that we did see Dominic Thiem sit a little further back and as the set went on with no breaks I did think a bit of panic set in and we saw Medvedev come to the net with serve and volley which put Thiem off a bit.

He got the rewards in a one sided tie-break to send the match to a third set.

Once again the Russian got his teeth into the Thiem service games in the third set. Daniil was averaging around 150 seconds per service game but again he was asking question after question and Thiem was knocking about on serve for around 330 seconds.

The versatility of the Russian was on full show in the fifth game of the third set as he dug in again and break the Austrian with an absolutely phenomenal volley at the net showing his full repertoire of his exceptional tennis.

Daniil went on to be solid on serve and became the first player in ATP Finals history to defeat the top two en-route to winning the ATP Finals.

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