Reunited: Jamie & Bruno team-up for 2021

Some very exciting news to look forward to for the 2021 season is the reuniting of one of the most successful doubles teams over the last few years.

Jamie Murray heard the news that his former partners current partner Mate Pavic was looking at going in a different direction later and contacted Bruno Soares and the band are getting back together.

These two hit is off in 2016 when they got together. They won two major titles that year at the beginning of the year at the Australian Open and the final major at Flushing Meadows.

Before splitting they did win 10 titles together but just one Masters 1000 title in 2018 in Cincinnati with their last being in Sydney at the beginning of last year.

A couple of weeks after their win in Sydney against Cabal and Farah I saw the two of them for the first in my trip abroad to the Australian Open.

Bruno Soares at the 2019 Australian Open
Jamie Murray at the 2019 Australian Open

These two hit it off before and I hope they do again, they became the top team in the world, won 10 titles including two majors and defeating 19 fellow top ten ranking opponents in their time together.

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