Smooth, Brutal & Delightful, Dominic Thiem continues to set the standard in London

It does not get much better than that. The level of tennis from Dominic Thiem to beat Rafael Nadal was superb and tactical perfection as the Austrian won 7-6 7-6.

Dominic Thiem has adapted his game tremendously well since the start of last year to become equally effective on hard courts as he is on clay and maybe has become stronger on the hard courts.

The word ‘variety’ gets thrown around a bit too much in tennis, it’s a case of “he’s got good variety” and that’s it but Dominic Thiem has a bite in his game and a plan in place and it’s becoming near on perfect.

These events are remembered for big points and the inside-out forehand up the line and then cross court was superb to seal the first set 7-6 (9-7) but something about the forehand was stunning and hasn’t been mentioned.

Same shot, two different variations:

  1. The first one he goes up the line, cuts the forehand inside-in and the main element of this forehand is the top-spin. The spin he gets is ridiculous. You can see where the ball bounces and the height it gets too which was level with Nadal’s shoulders.
  2. The killer punch, he got that forehand back without interest on it and completely flattened it out with next to no bounce and pulled out a stunning winner.

This variety is perfect to watch and to watch Dominic Thiem perfect it is even more impressive.

There is soo much to his game and he is an utter joy to watch. The variety behind the forehand, the snap behind the backhand and his serve is technically one of the best and underrated. I do think we could see more from the serve but when he has a plan is beautiful to watch.

We rightly wax lyrical about the big three but at the same time I think Thiem’s game right now is on par and if not better.

Since the start of last year Thiem has won eight matches against the big three and all of them in the latter stages Masters 1000 events or Grand Slams.

He was runner-up last year but after two matches Dominic Thiem is setting the standard for the rest to follow!

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