Farewell London: 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, Djokovic’ four consecutive ATP Finals titles

When all is said and done and a discussion about the GOAT continues, a certain Novak Djokovic will be high up the list.

Over the years Novak has grown on me and I think his brilliance is unmatched and for four consecutive years no one could stop him in London.

Winning the tour finals is a challenge, it is something that takes a lotto skill, determination, belief and a week of unmatched consistency. These are all aspects Novak Djokovic has as have other winners of the tour finals but to win it on consecutive occasions is insane.

Over the course of the four years Novak won 19 matches and lost 1 to Roger Federer. The one he did lose was in the round robin in 2015 but beat him where it mattered in the final.

During the four years Novak defeated:

Tomas Berdych – III
Kei Nishikori – II
Rafael Nadal – II
Roger Federer – IIII (1 walkover)
Stan Wawrinka – II
Marin Cilic – I
Juan Martin Del Potro – II
Richard Gasquet – I
Andy Murray – I
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – I

Beating the best but on this consistent level is something extraordinary.

I don’t know if we will see a dominance like this again anytime soon. 

We know Novak is at home on a hard court but this is taking everyone to town and we’ve seen how he rallies together in these clutch moments to produce the most results.

Novak is a perfectionist and I like that about him, he always strives for better and that’s what sets him apart. 

A really interesting moment in his Instagram Live with Andy Murray was the both agreed that they wished they enjoyed their successes more and not jumped into the next event or picked apart their winning performances.

Sometimes when you look back on these runs I think to myself, could this be completed again and I really don’t think so. Winning the tour finals once is tough, twice is excellent but four times in succession is out of this world. It would take for a monumental period of dominance to do this.

His belief and consistency during this time as per his whole career has been exceptional to match and leapfrog Roger and Rafa and winning all the big titles.

Novak hasn’t won the tour finals since 2015 in what was a phenomenal year for the Serbian who made the final of 15 of his 16 tournaments played winning 11 titles. Stuff like this is unheard of.

He dominated the tour but turned London into his own battle ground and performed consistently amazingly against the best and you can see that record!

The first player to win the tour finals on four consecutive occasions.

ND 2015
image credit – Reuters

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