Serena at the WTA Finals, five titles and an unmatched champions mindset!

The best meet at the season finale. Over the past five years there have been five new winners of the WTA Finals but before that the dominance was from Serena Williams.

In 2014 Serena joined Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles winning the finals on three consecutive occasions and in all of Serena’s five titles has beaten different players. 

Serena won her first in 2001 but didn’t have to play the final as Lindsay Davenport withdrew before the final.

Serena did play in finals in 2002 and 2004 but lost to Kim Clijsters and Maria Sharapova respectively. Quite incredible that defeat against Sharapova in 2004 was the final time Serena ever lost to the Russian.

Serena did pick up title number two in 2009 against sister Venus and in 2012 got her revenge on Sharapova defeating the Russian eight years after their final. 

Two new opponents both put up fights  in 2012 and 2013 but Li Na and Simona Halep both got bageled on route to Serena picking up the title.

I’d say since the turn of the millennium no one has come close to Serena’s level of consistency but also her champions mentality and ability to bounce back.

I remember 2014 very well, there was that very random 6-0 6-2 defeat to Simona Halep in the round robin and alarm bells began to ring. Was Serena about to be dethroned in Singapore?

Everything looked heavy from the world number one who double faulted in her first game to seal the break rolling her eyes in surprise at her start.

Serena just wasn’t moving her feet and was too flat in her footwork as she got bageled for the 8th time in her career.

The Romanian continued to pest Serena who could only applaud Simona’s efforts winning eight games in a row and Serena not getting on the board until after almost 40 minutes!

Suddenly after little over an hour played Halep sealed a monumental win ending Serena’s 16 match unbeaten run.

This sent shockwaves through the competition and after a few days these two would obviously meet again in the final.

How do you respond after losing 6-0 6-2 a few days before?

Easy, in Serena style.

Halep put up a great fight in the first set but Serena was in business mode when it mattered. Of her course her unbeaten run come to an end in the round robin but got the win when it mattered.

After winning the first 6-3 the second set was a runaway for the American who got the bagel revenge and dished one out herself for a 6-3 6-0 win.

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 11.52.31

Serena has created memories at the WTA Finals over many years and that champions mind set to do it time and time again is something you can’t create.

To lose in an hour and win two games a few days before and then to finish on a performance like that is utterly incredible and it sets her apart from anyone else.

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