2020 WTA Tour could be over after Roland Garros with just one tournament left on the schedule after Asia swing was cancelled but why haven’t events been added like on the ATP Tour?

The 2020 Calendar has been majorly hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many events have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the virus and with more WTA events dropping off as well as the whole of the Asia swing cancelled it is looking extremely likely that the tour will come to an end after Roland Garros.

On the other side on the ATP calendar events have been added with 10 events spread over 6 weeks, some still in their usual calendar spots but four ATP 250 events have been added to a hit schedule baring the question, where are these events for the women?

Cancellation of the Asian swing has seen no less than eleven WTA tournaments pulled including the WTA Finals in Shenzhen and once Roland Garros has concluded there is just one tournament scheduled on the calendar.

The current last standing tournament on the calendar is a WTA Premier Event in Ostrava which only has a singles draw of 28 players so not many options at all.

A re-arranged Kremlin Cup has recently been pulled and two WTA International events, one in Korea and the other in Linz are still hoping to play some part in 2020 but is extremely unlikely with Linz looking to host in November if not December.

It is a worrying time for the players and the tour and is surprising that it is something that hasn’t been spoken about yet. In all honesty the players’ season will come to an end after Roland Garros, I can’t imagine many top players fighting to go to Ostrava with all due respect but also what about players ranked outside the top 50 and further?

They couldn’t do their job for six months of the year and now look like losing another two months of events and the proposed WTA Calendar updates are not promising at all.

It is difficult to maybe compare the tours and the WTA losing it’s Asian swing is a massive blow to the tour but to not have any tournaments coming in when the ATP have added four 250 events with a really far prize money split across the board is worrying.

There is still time for events to be announced but with Roland Garros a week away now I just don’t see it happening at all.

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