Sascha’s strategy was solid for a while but it ran out of steam against Thiem when it mattered the most

I’m not Sascha Zverev’s biggest fan but I can appreciate a very good performance.

If we were talking about a men’s Grand Slam final being best of three I’d be waxing lyrical over his performance and it was great but it feel short and that’s a shame.

For the first two sets which he won 6-2 6-4 I thought it was one of the best performances I have seen from Sascha Zverev. I remember Martina saying earlier on in the tournament that he won’t get away with just turning it on at the back-end of matches but in this sense it was the beginning.

I liked a lot of what we saw from Sascha, his serve and volley was a simple and effective tactic.

He won 22/26 points at the net over the first two sets. He didn’t slow his serve down too much to bring in the serve and volley but used the deep return position of Dominic Thiem to give himself that time to come to the net and put the ball away.

Another problem after the first two sets was the winners dropped off, Thiem found a bit more joy in a defensive position and from 24 winners in the opening two sets (16 in set one) in the final three it slipped to just 28 in the remaining three.

I did like what I saw from Sascha, it was promising and it will be interesting to see how the partnership works with David Ferrer who was one of the best tacticians on the tennis court.

Part of the problem for Sascha was that if Thiem stayed close the double faults would come in and the pace would drop in the rallies and it did. The initial strategy was perfect but the ending was just messy, if he could bring it all together he will be a force to stop.

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