Diego delights as Casper falls short in ‘Cincinnati’

Diego Schwartzman has successfully found his way into the second round of Cincinnati at Flushing Meadows.

The Argentine who turned 28 last week took a few minutes to settle into the match but it felt like a matter of when until he found his feet and made a breakthrough.

Schwartzman did break early on in the match but was pulled back quickly by the Norwegian who dug in well and that at the end of the match was the problem.

Diego was simply on fire, his shirt choice was one that raised eyebrows but the way he opened up the court and pushed Casper Ruud around highlighted that problem in his game being a little bit slower to react to being pushed by the inside-out forehand and then a constant stream of backhands down the line.

The Argentine took the set on the tie-break and from there on in it was one way traffic.

The question was asked of Casper Ruud to react but he struggled. He was constantly camped in the backhand corner and Diego picked him off time and time again breaking early and never looking back.

It was a competitive battle but it just felt like there was going to be one winner at Flushing Meadows and it highlighted the lack of adaptability in the Norweigan’s game.

I’ve watched a lot of Ruud, his tennis works well on a clay court but with the speed of these courts and knowing what Diego is going to do and skill he possesses you cannot just camp in one corner. The go-to shot is the inside-out forehand and it got to a stage where Diego was happy with him going to it knowing more than likely he would take control.

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